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ABOUT Pandora

Pandora's Closet exists as an unrealised idea for a number years. The idea was always focused on circulating fashion, either as a second-hand shop concept or as a swapping event among friends.

It stayed unrealised and only in my head due to the whirlwind of life, kids, work but the motivation and firm belief in the necessity and meaning behind this philosophy never left.


Exactly in the year that we had the impetus through the Labyrinth to realise it, we faced a little social and economical challenge starting with C!


But we will not be deterred! It will happen and it will be great! And hopefully the first in many events!

ME: I am not at all involved in the fashion industry, I am not an activist, campaigner, revolutionary.

I am actually a computer scientist (without the web design skills!) with a wish for conscious and ethical living.


Yes, I also make stupid fashion mistakes, buy stuff I don't need, buy cheap stuff cos it's cheap or on sale (and then want to kick myself!), I am also tempted by pretty, shiny things.


But I am getting better and I am really trying to buy, wear and repair things consciously (I even learned to sew, thanks to the wonderful courses at the Social Fabric).

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