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Soft Dots

we organise clothes swapping events because we believe there is no Planet B.

And because it's fun!


Soft Dots

Make Someone Happy

Many items in our wardrobes are not used but still loved and it's time to pass the love to someone else.


Instead of feeling guilty when you look at your clothing items that don't suit or fit you, make someone else happy with it and replace it with something that will spark joy.


Be Kind to our Planet

Unused clothing usually gets trashed or if we are good, donated (with sometimes uncertain fate).


Then we buy something new/old. A swap bypasses these steps completely and circulates our existing resources (including money).


Discover Spaces & Music

The Labyrinth is a hidden gem in Zürich, promoting the connection between people and nature in the heart of the city. This is worth finding!

Chill in the shade and enjoy the music from Peter Pana!

T-shirt on Hanger

Listen to Ms Kondo

Only have items in your house that spark joy or serve a purpose - at best both!

If anything is just hanging around lonely and unappreciated, just repeat after Ms Marie Kondo,  "Arigato" and let it go.

Less is more.

Wh0's Peter Pana?

Peter Pana ist die Mädelsband, die sich entscheidet, mit jedem Song, mit jedem Schrei:


Musik für immer! Erwachsen werden können wir ja später, wenn wir alt sind.


Peter Pana: vier Frauen, pur, stur und fetzig!

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